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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
A Changling of Heart
Hearth’s Warming

Hearth’s Warming, that time of year where ponies of all ages get together and give from the heart.  A time to tell stories, bake treats and to remember the spirit of the holiday and to show kindness to all.  A time to sing songs and to play in the snow.

Golden Oaks Library, Hearth’s Warming Eve, 3:53 P.M.

In the kitchen, Quillwrite, wearing a black apron, was busy making and baking goodies for Hearth’s Warming.  As he was making the treats, Chrysalis was looking out the window in the library’s main room, wondering about all the decorations.  She walked into the kitchen to ask Quillwrite about what was happening.

“Pardon me, but what is with all the decorations?” She asked. “I saw ponies putting them up for a while.”

“The decorations are for Hearth’s Warming tomorrow.” Quillwrite said as he finished making the treats and began cleaning up.

“Hearth’s Warming?” Chrysalis asked, tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion.

“You’ve never heard of it?” Quillwrite asked.

“I’ve been moving from town to town before hiding out in the Everfree Forest and coming here.” She told him.

“Oh, right, well, Hearth’s Warming celebrates the day Equestria was founded and three pony races joining together to help each other out.” He explained. “And I’m making treats to give out.”

“And what about tomorrow on Hearth’s Warming?” She asked.

“We’ll go my parents place in Canterlot to exchange gifts with family.” He explained as he finished cleaning up.  “I can’t wait to see my grandparents again.”

“I can’t wait either.” She said.

Once everything was cleaned up and put away, Quillwrite putting the treats into containers. He went upstairs and put his winter boots, dark green scarf, black peacoat and earmuffs.  He walked downstairs and prepared to go.

“Hold on.” Chrysalis said, forcing Quillwrite to stop and look at her. “I’ll go with you, to learn more about the Holiday and to get a gift for your family.”
Quillwrite smiled as she went upstairs and put her winter boots, black scarf, white peacoat and earmuffs.  She went back downstairs and they both walked into town to hand out treats to fillies and colts.  Chrysalis walked into a store and emerged with bag.  After handing out treats, they walked back home, to relax for the rest of the day and get some rest for tomorrow.  Once inside, they took off their winter clothes.  Chrysalis went upstairs and wrapped up the gift she got.  After she was done, she put with the others gifts Quillwrite had and decided to relax on the couch with him by the fire.  While relaxing, she thought about what had happened a few weeks ago, the day Quillwrite was taken by Ironskull to exchange for the Oracle’s Eye.  It was after that, she met Quillwrite grandparents, veteran guards for Celestia, and they worked on a plan to get Quillwrite back.  The whole debacle eneded when Quillwrite told Ironskull’s first mate, Pete, to tell the captain the truth.  It was then she truly appreciated all the new friends and family she had.  After a few more hours, they went to their bedroom and went to sleep for tomorrow.

Golden Oaks Library, Hearth’s Warming, 7:01 A.M.

    After the alarm rang, Quillwrite and Chrysalis went downstairs for breakfast and setting a bowl of berries for Timber, who began to eat.  After they ate and got cleaned up, they put on their winter clothes and headed to the train station.  Once in Canterlot, they exited the train to see Quill’s parents, Ace Slugger and Melody Bloom.

“Hey there, son, Chryssi.” Ace said. “Happy Hearth’s Warming.”

“Happy Hearth’s Warming, dears.” Melody said.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming, mom and dad.” Quill said.

“Yes, Happy Hearth’s Warming.” Chryssi said.

    They made their way to Ace and Melody’s house, taking in the decorations and festivities taking place.  Once, at the house, they walked in and took of their winter clothes, hanging the coat on the coat rack.  When they walked into the living, they saw Quill’s grandpa, Iron Shield, and his grandma, Ruby Heart, playing with Cotton Heart.

“Grandpa!  Grandma!” Quill called out as he walked towards them.

“Quill!” His grandparents called out as they hugged.

“You both remember Chryssi, don’t you?” Quill gestured to the changling.

“Of course we do, how have you been?” Ruby Heart asked.

“I’m fine and it is a pleasure to see you again.” Chryssi answered.

“Alright, time to exchange and open gifts and then we’ll settle down for dinner.” Melody Bloom said.

Everypony began to exchange their gifts to one another before they opened them.  After all the gifts were opened they began to eat dinner and a wonderful dessert.  Once all had been said and done, Quill and Chryssi got set to go home, telling everypony inside a happy goodbye and ‘Happy Hearth’s Warming’ before they left for the train station.  After they got home, they got relaxed before they headed for bed.

“Had fun?” Quill asked, getting into bed.

“I did.” Chryssi answered, getting into bed also.

They snuggled close together and happily slept.

Happy Hearth’s Warming 
Here it is, my one-shot for Christmas.  Happy Holidays to all of you.

This one-shot is set after my soon-to-be finished fanfic, A Changling Of Heart.
Reptile111 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Writer
Yay a new chapter
Quillwrite7x Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016
Well a oneshot.
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