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A Creator's Prophecy - Metalos - Arnold Getriebe by Quillwrite7x A Creator's Prophecy - Metalos - Arnold Getriebe by Quillwrite7x
Name - Metalos
Real Name - Arnold Getriebe
Character Base - Franky (One Piece)
Abilities - Metal Manipulation, Prolonged Life, Enhanced Strength and Endurance, Boxing Expert
Bio - Born in 1953, Arnold was raised by his parents after they had moved to America.  While being raised, Arnold grew to take an  interest in machinery and began learning the ins and outs of engineering machines.  As the years went by, Arnold's knowledge of engineering grew until he was able to join in constructing the marvelous devices.  He had also been raised to show kindness to people in need.  During the year 1985, Arnold had moved on to a life of his own, tearfully saying goodbye to his mother and father and setting up in a house that had gone up for sale.  One day, he witnessed an old man about to be mugged and instantly stood between them and eventually fought the crooks off.  He offered the old man a place to sleep for the night at his house, while there he made dinner for his visitor and showed him the guest room he set up.  The next morning, Arnold left to get some supplies for his work on machines, however, the crooks from yesterday showed up with entire gang and attacked Arnold from behind, crippling his arms before they left him for dead.  The old man had showed up and saw the poor state Arnold was in.  Left with no choice, the old man revealed that he was actually a spirit that hid from the world and as payment for the kindness showed to him, the spirit placed his hands on Arnold's arms and covered them in a bright light.  After the light dimmed down, Arnold's arms became mechanical, startling him before the spirit explained that with this arms came the ability to manipulate metal.  The spirit explained that by slamming his fists together, Arnold could encase himself in the metal as his arms to act as armor, giving him enhanced strength and endurance as well as telling him that his right arm had a chain inside that would allow his right hand to act as a grappling hook and his left arm had a small cannon inside that could shoot nets or miniature cannonballs.  The spirit finally told Arnold that this had given him prolonged life, allowing him to live well beyond any normal human and that he could only pass on if his felt it was his time, but he would need to pass on his power to someone else.  Grateful, Arnold vowed to use this power to help people.  He currently wonders if there are others like him.

This my character for's A Creator's Prophecy

A Creator's Prophecy by Moheart7

12 Creations needed.Hey guys, for those who are familiar with "A Creator's Prophecy" You'll see a few details in the description that give off a few hints as to what I'm about to say next...
Basically I'm looking to fill the 12 empty spots on this Prophecy, and I want 11 people to take part in this, preferably my closest friends here on this sight.
So here's what I'm asking... 11 People, each one choosing an element on the board, and creating a heroic character based off the one they chose, and I'm not just talking about coming up with an idea, I want to see 11 different pictures to go along with them, now I don't care whether your strictly an artist of a fanfic writer, I just want to see some creative juices flowing. You can create the image in your own digital style or simply draw it on paper and upload the image on your phone first. By the end, all of them are going to end up becoming a reference when I remake them in my own style anyway.
Okay, for those of you who are happy to take part, here a
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